Success Stories

Our success is a result of focusing in on what makes your company thrive.


Customer Service Transformation

  • Completed high level process analysis and customer interaction analysis for a leading health insurer.
  • Identified significant customer service and real dollar savings opportunities (30%+ ROI).
  • Multi-year project initiated to implement findings.

Program Management Best Practices

  • Analyzed program management processes for a leading telecom provider.
  • Identified 20%+ process cycle time reductions through implementation of identified practices.
  • Developed documentation and automation designs to implement findings

Claims Processing

  • Reduced cycle time from 120 to 30 minutes.
  • Reduced training times for 3-6 months to 2 weeks.
  • Facilitated expansion of team by 300%

Medical Billing

  • Identified Best Practices from current practices with a variation of 40% in effectiveness
  • Implemented automated workflow to enforce best practices with a return of 15% after 3 months

Billing Transformation

  • Completed full functional analysis for multi-billion dollar insurance co.
  • Identified 40% improvement opportunities through process analysis and simulation
  • Three year project initiated to implement recommendations

Facilities Maintenance Transformation

  • Completed process analysis and simulation for facilitates maintenance processes for a multi-billion dollar retailer.
  • Savings identified of 40%+ based upon dispatch process, and call center dollar enhancements findings implemented in a multi-year project.

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